Vehicle Hand Controls/Driving Aids

Sure Grip

Sure Grip’s innovative driving controls allow you to customize the hand control tension and throw to customer preference. No need for a gas guard!


The Wells-Engberg hand-operated mechanical driving controls provide safe, easy, and more convenient vehicle operation, as well as being priced competitively with other manufacturers.

Creative Controls

These revolutionary new hand controls are ideal for drivers who are looking for ease in operating a vehicle’s gas and brake controls.


These hand controls are lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and meet all controlling agencies design specifications that make braking, accelerating, and steering a breeze.

MPD/Veigel Mobility

This foam grip handle was designed two inches longer in length than most automotive hand controls, ensuring comfortable driving control and greater leverage when braking and accelerating.

Crescent Industries

These hand controls were created to allow drivers with limited dexterity, motion, and/or tensor control to drive a vehicle. Crescent Industries tailors each product accordingly to the individual’s needs while making it easy for us to easily install and service them.

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