David and Brian left today and we could not be any happier with Moms new bathroom. I understand the time it took was longer than anyone anticipated, the work they did was much greater than anticipated!!  Both of them helped my mother gain some independence she lost because of a botched surgery. The last 9 months have been very hard. If not for Kim I’m pretty sure we would still be waiting on DHS. If we every get the money I would want your company to make the kitchen accessible for her also. She misses cooking and after seeing the bathroom there is no one we have ever worked with as good as your group. Everyone we came into contact with was kind, courteous, and caring. Special thank you to Kim for making it happen, David and Brian saw for themselves how much this meant to all of us. What impressed me the most, the job was done right. No cutting corners, no making it work, taking the time to make sure this is a room she will be able to use for years to come. Thank you, Sir, for the company you have created.