On June 28, 1973, while serving in the United States Air Force, I was injured resulting in a complete and permanent dislocation of the spine (level T11/T12).  Since that time, I have spent my life as a paraplegic totally dependent on mobility equipment (i.e., wheelchair, hand controls, accessible vehicles, shower chairs, etc.).

After the Air Force retired me in 1973, my family and I lived in the central Arkansas area for 21 years.  Although the Veteran’s Administration has provided me with whatever adaptive equipment I needed to maintain an active lifestyle, comprehensive care, maintenance and repair of that equipment by a single qualified provider was not available, or the provider would be in business for a short time and then be gone.  Being totallydependent on mobility equipment necessitates having a service provider that is competent, reliable and dedicated to their clients.  In 1991, I moved to Fayetteville, Arkansas and found that provider in a company named Presidential Conversions.

For the past 24 years, John Wilson, founder and CEO of Presidential Conversions, and his professional, competent and friendly staff have provided me with a sense of comfort and security I did not have before.  I know that if my wheelchair accessible van, wheelchair or any other mobility related item should break down , John, or one of his staff, is only a phone call away.  I have been known to call them from as far as two states away for guidance on how to overcome an issue.  While here at home, if I have a problem, they are ALWAYS right here, even if it’s just a loose battery cable.

If I am purchasing a new vehicle, looking for adaptive equipment, or just needing advice, I just need to make one phone call or make one visit to Presidential Conversions.  When I do, I know I’m going to receive fair, timely, and completely competent service and that I’m going to made to feel that I’m part of the Presidential Family.